Passo Bernina Col d'Anzana

Places: Passo del Bernina - Cavaglia - Poschiavo - Col d'Anzana - Tirano

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The Col of Anzana is one of the most famous freeride MTB track in the Valtellina. This 10km ride experiences an altitude change of 1800m. Travelling along the Bernina Pass, the track passes around the beautiful Lake Beloye. Soon you trail provides you with some more challenges as your path takes you towards Cavaglia Station, famous for the UNESCO World Heritage Red Bernina Train. Enjoy the ride as the ride takes you along a single trail and local roads through Poschiavo to Pescia where the fun begins. After a short uphill ride to Anzana, you are presented with a magnificent single trail that will test your ability at times as you pass through narrow passages and between rocks. This is a great test for all discerning MTB riders. When you arrive in Tirano, check to see if you have any brake pads left !!!

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Total distance:    46,5 km
Dist. of Climbing:    14,7 km
Dist. of Descent:    29,4 km
Dist. of Flat:      2,5 km

Elevation Change

Min elevation:    421 m
Max elevation:    2305 m
Total ascent: 1952 m
Total descent:  3817 m


Difficulty:     Difficoltà
Conditions:        Condizione fisica
Rating:     Votazione

Other information

Place:          Poschiavo
Type of trail:     Freeride


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