Your bike holiday in Bormio

Mountain biking in Alta Valtellina

The area of Bormio, Livigno, Santa Caterina Valfurva for mountain biking is a paradise for 2 wheels in the center of the Alps.

We are located in Alta Rezia, an area between Alta Valtellina (province of Sondrio) and the Engadine in Switzerland, in the Canton of Grisons.

These valleys offer mountain bikers endless possibilities for fun, without neglecting the legendary climbs Stelvio Pass, Gavia Pass and Mortirolo, made famous by the professional cyclists of the Giro of Italy.

Historic tracks at high altitudes, well-preserved military roads, routes on dirt roads immersed in the woods and bordering alpine lakes, cycle paths at the bottom of the valley, bike park and skill park are just some of the many alternatives to enjoy this splendid area and have fun riding a mountain bike.

Mountain biking in Alta Vatellina

Also the Terme di Bormio with 3 SPAs , the gas typical throne, the Valtellina wines and the unspoilt nature of the Stelvio National Park make this area a pearl for your MTB holidays.

Su you will find lots of information on the trails (mapped with GPS) of mountain bikes and road bikes in the area of Bormio, Livigno, Santa Caterina Valfurva, Tirano and Switzerland, mapped with GPS. You will find the maps, with altimetries and technical data, which will allow you to choose the routes that best suit your abilities and preferences. All files for your GPS can be downloaded free of charge.

Contact us to book your outings or your tours in the company of a MTB guide.
We have in-depth knowledge of the area and the technical notions that will allow you to best tackle your itineraries by bike.

Routes for families, for freeride, all mountain and enduro: in Bormio and its surroundings you will find the trails that best suit your needs.

Bike rental in Bormio

We are in contact with several bike rentals in Bormio and Livigno (racing bikes, e-bikes, mountain bikes and fat bikes), where you can find the right bike for your two-wheeled holiday.


Bormio is cycle paths that cross the entire c comprehensive. It's simple routes for the whole family and the tour of the laghi di Cancano, the Val Viola and the Decauville are just a few simple but very fascinating examples.

Mountain bike in Cancano


Livigno is bike parks and flow trails, where the fun lies in the speed. The bike park is suitable for those with the right technique, but there are many other routes dedicated to beginners who want to have fun on their bikes, immersed in an astonishing landscape.

Santa Caterina Valfurva

Santa Caterina Valfurva technical and natural routes of medium/high difficulty. Tracks immersed in the Stelvio National Park, where it is difficult to walk a path without dutiful and rewarding breaks to take pictures and admire the great glaciers that dominate the whole area. The technical nature of the trails is also perfectly suited to the most demanding freerider.


Tirano is recovered and cleaned old mule tracks with steep slopes and many hairpin bends. It is the right place to experience the purest fun and to do freeride not too difficult and demanding: just think of the very famous Tornantissima and the descent from Col d'Anzana.


Switzerland is magic and authenticity. You can discover unique routes in places characterized by the Swiss style: cleanliness, precision, care of things Two examples that well represent the area are the descents from the Bernina pass (using the famous Bernina Express, the Bernina red train world heritage of the 'UNESCO) and the Val d'Uina.

Mountain biking in Bormio for families

E-Bike (electric bicycle)

In recent years, the e-bike, or pedal assisted bicycles (or even electric bikes). e-bikes equipped with an electric motor, which help the cyclist when pedaling.

The mtb e-bikes allow you to tackle the paths around Bormio with maximum ease and the possibility to fully enjoy nature and the splendid panoramas. Finally you will be able to have fun on two wheels without the need to be trained and without making too much effort.

Fat Bike - The bike with big wheels

In these parts, the bike does not it's only summer, but also winter with the wonderful experience of the Fat Bike.

On the snowy paths of Val Viola or on the groomed paths of Livigno and Santa Caterina Valfurva, the fat bike is a new form of sport on two wheels. Outings at night or with snow and sun, the bike with big wheels is a must try!