Your bike holiday in Bormio

The mountain bike in Livigno is a bike park, one of the best and most popular in Europe. Pure fun on both sides of the Livigno valley, suitable for days full of thrill and adrenaline for all levels.

The Bike Parks of Livigno


Bike Park Mottolino in Livigno

Well 3 fun areas in which to improve your skills, from the Jump area with jumps on the ground, to the north shore area , between walkways, suspension bridges and wooden snails. Last but not least the inflatable, where you can test new evolutions.

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Carosello 3000

Jumps at the Bike Park of Livigno

Livigno is also Carosello 3000 where there are flow mountain bike paths (sliding paths), suitable for bikers who appreciate speed, fluidity and fun. Such as, for example, the high overview, with the descent into Val Federia.

Mountain biking in Livigno

Through the Val Alpisella pass or the more demanding Trela pass, from Livigno you can reach the lakes of Cancano and then tackle, for example, the Valle del Gallo - a magical, unspoilt valley full of charm and unforgettable views.

The Bike Park Carosello 3000 in Livigno

These passes are used a lot by bikers who tackle the legendary transalps - multi-day tours that take you from Germany to Lake Garda - and who plan a stop in Livigno.

The free tax free zone, the presence of numerous clubs and the multiplicity of MTB tracks make Livigno a much appreciated destination by bikers from all over Europe.

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