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The trail passes through: Isolaccia - Pedenosso - Torri di Fraele - Monte Scale - Ferrarola - Premadio - Isolaccia

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Trail details

Total distance: 25.44 km
Distance of Climbing: 13.44 km
Distance of Descent: 8.66 km
Distance of Flat: 3.33 km
Elevation Change
Min elevation: 1305 m
Max elevation: 2478 m
Total ascent: 1495 m
Total descent: 1497 m

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Trail description

The climb to the top of Monte Scale is one of the most beautiful and challenging mtb routes in all of Alta Valtellina. p>

It starts from Isolaccia, a short distance from Bormio and via an asphalt climb you reach the Fraele Towers.

Appesa after the towers, a dirt road starts on the right which takes altitude with a series of hairpin bends and gradually climbs up to an altitude of 2000 m.

At that point the track becomes very exposed, with a very stony bottom and steep slopes. Warning: the route is only suitable for technically very skilled bikers.

Thus you reach a fort dating back to the first world war, where there is a tunnel that leads to a grassy plain. On the right you can reach the cross on the top, which represents the most panoramic point of Bormio.

The first part of the descent is quite smooth and panoramic over the lakes of They sing. Be careful of a stretch with a very high drop, where you have to accompany the bike on foot.

When you reach the small lake, you have to take a sharp right towards Ferrarola: where, after an initial uphill part, you tackle an exposed path and very often with collapsed and bumpy stretches. Be very careful.

The descent ends in Premadio and you return to Isolaccia along the state road for Livigno.< /p>

Alternative for the ascent: you can also think of going up from Premadio, along the classic ascent to Cancano.

The complete report and some photos can be found on the blog page: Monte Scale< /a>.

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