Your bike holiday in Bormio

Here is a review of refuges around Bormio, all of which can be reached by mtb or e-bike, where you can find refreshment and the typical products of Valtellina.

Refuges in Cancano

La valle di Cancano

Ristoro Monte Scale: Tel. +39 0342 904660 - email: - sito:

Ristoro S. Giacomo: Tel. +39 348 300 9920

Ristoro Solena: Tel. +39 348 7366439 - sito:

Ristoro Val Fraele: Tel. +39 3397074729 - email: - sito:

Agriturismo Malga Trela: Tel. +39 0342 901224 - email: - sito:

Chalet Villa Valania: Tel. +39 351 6697130 - email: - sito:

Passo Trela e Casera di Trela


Refuges in Valdidentro

Salita al Rifugio Viola

Rifugio Viola: Tel. +39 348 3419794 - email: - website:

Rifugio Caricc: Tel. +39 340 7103835 - email: - website:

Rifugio Federico: Tel. +39 340 4680054 - email: - website:

Baita del’All: Tel. +39 338 7975672 - email: - website:

Agriturismo Alpe Verva: Tel. +39 349 4354262


Refuges in Santa Caterina Valfurva

Vista dal Rifugio Pizzini

Rifugio Pizzini-Frattola: Tel. +39 0342 935513 - email: - website:

Rifugio Branca: Tel. +39 0342 935501 - email: - website:

Rifugio Casati: Tel. +39 333 7255231 - email: - website:

Rifugio Stella Alpina: Tel. +39 331 6676177 - email:

Rifugio Forni: Tel. +39 0342 935365 - email: - website:

Rifugio Quinto Alpini: Tel. +39 0342.929170 - email: - website:


Welcome to the fascinating world of refuges in Bormio and the surrounding valleys, a paradise for bicycle lovers. Ride to unforgettable adventures, breathtaking views and authentic alpine experiences.

The refuges of Bormio and the surrounding valleys are authentic gems set between majestic mountains and unspoiled landscapes. These oases of tranquility offer rest and refreshment to cyclists of all levels and are the ideal starting point for exploring the natural beauty of this region.

You'll be surrounded by a variety of trails and paths that suit all skill levels. Whether you're an expert cyclist looking for serious challenges or a cycle touring enthusiast eager to enjoy peaceful scenic rides, you'll find the perfect itinerary for you. You will be able to explore lush forests, cross crystal clear streams and reach spectacular panoramas that will leave you breathless.

Alpine hospitality will be a constant throughout your trip. The managers of the refuges will welcome you warmly and will be ready to provide you with valuable advice on the routes to follow, the local attractions and the activities available. You will also be able to share stories and adventures with other cycling enthusiasts from all over the world, creating special bonds and unforgettable memories. Always remember, however, that life as a restaurateur at high altitude is hard and it's not like the bar downstairs: the location of the shelters, the problems of bringing water, electricity and internet connection are to be understood and appreciated, even with the reviews on social media.

We are ready to accompany you on this extraordinary adventure. Plan your trip, wear a helmet and get ready to explore the Bormio refuges and valleys on your bike. Let yourself be conquered by the beauty and magic of these unique places in the world.