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The Five Crazy Downs are 5 trails particularly suitable for freeriding with mountain bikes, in the area around Tirano. Five routes for those who love to tackle technical descents on MTB and fill up on adrenaline and fun.


The valleys around Tirano are very steep and impervious. Over the years, old military roads and old mule tracks have been created to reach the most remote pastures. What's left now are some splendid freeride itineraries for mountain bikers looking for thrills and fun.

The tracks are not particularly difficult or technical, apart from some stretches that are recommended for expert bikers with good riding technique.

Freeride in Tirano

The routes of the Five Crazy Down


Perhaps the most famous descent in the area. You have to pedal for a long stretch to arrive at an altitude of 2500 m at the start of a long descent full of fun and panoramic hairpin bends. Suitable for expert bikers only.

Col d'Anzana

The ascent takes place on the Swiss side of the mountain. The first part of the descent is very fascinating and technical. The second on mule tracks is steep and technical. Adrenaline to the max. Suitable for expert bikers only.

Monte Padrio

Perhaps the flowiest of all the routes: fun and not too difficult on single trails and mule tracks.


After a long climb on asphalt, the fun of the descent is guaranteed and develops on a continuous variation of the surface: asphalt, dirt roads and single trails.

La Grosina

After a long, but not too demanding climb, the descent is very panoramic and the track is fun and pleasant, on an old military road.

Descent from the Corni Bike Trail

Corinin Bike Trail

Alongside these spectacular trails, in recent years the Cornin military trail that descends above Grosotto has also been added. This path has an important historical value, as it was created for the construction of the Cadorna line, in the First World War.

What remains is a single trail with hairpin bends that develops alongside old trenches and military forts that are still very well preserved.

Five Crazy Down

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