The racing bike tours starting from Bormio.

Climbing to Stelvio Pass

A series of roads to the most important mountain passes for cyclists from all over the world start from Bormio. These passes are famous thanks to the achievements of the champions of Giro d'Italia. These athletes have challenged each other for years now and are followed by millions of racing bike fans.

The climb to Stelvio Pass is the most popular and well-known cycling adventure in the world. The pass can be accessed from several sides, many cyclists cycle along it every year and it is one of the climbs of the Giro d'Italia.

The Gavia Pass brings back memories of cycling events full of difficulties and emotions, such as the stage of the Giro d'Italia in 1988, when a blizzard welcomed the riders on top of the pass until they got to Bormio.

The Mortirolo is known for its extreme slopes and the achievements of a debuting Marco Pantani during the Giro d'Italia in 1994.

There are other climbs which are hard to face and fun to experience: don’t forget the Bernina Pass (long and difficult), the Foscagno pass, the Passo del Forno, the climb to Fraele Towers (Cancano) and the climb to Bormio 2000.

All of these climbs can be combined to create very difficult routes, suitable for well-trained cyclists only:

  • Bormio – Umbrail pass - Prato allo Stelvio – Stelvio pass - Bormio

  • Bormio - Mazzo di Valtellina – Mortirolo pass - Ponte di Legno – Gavia pass - Bormio

  • Bormio - Tirano – Bernina pass - Livigno - Bormio

  • Bormio - Livigno - Passo del Forno - Santa Maria – Umbrail pass - Bormio


All of these routes can be enjoyed backwards too.

A few of these climbs are part of the Valtellina Extreme brevet, an extreme cycling event: the sequence of Stelvio, Gavia, Mortirolo and Bernina pass must be climbed in two days.


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Trails suggested


Mortirolo e Gavia Distance: 115 km Altitude: 4436 m


Passo del Bernina Distance: 132,2 km Altitude: 4159 m


Passo Umbrail e Passo dello Stelvio Distance: 93,5 km Altitude: 4042 m


Foscagno Fuorn Umbrail Distance: 107,3 km Altitude: 4022 m


Mortirolo Trivigno Distance: 49,76 km Altitude: 2718 m


Granfondo dello Stelvio Santini Distance: 144,14 km Altitude: 4388 m