Mountain biking in the Tirano area.

Le discese in MTB attorno a Tirano

Tirano is on the way from Bormio to Sondrio, an area with many freeride trails which are very well known abroad too.

The Tornantissima is the best-known freeride trail of this area. To get to the start you have to climb Mortirolo pass and continue on a military road characterized by an uneven surface up to below Cima Varadega (2500 m asl). From that place, the panorama of the Valtellina valley is spectacular. The descent starts from there and is composed of about 80 hairpin bends on single trails in the wood. The last part of the descent is on old mule tracks leading to Grosio.

Col D'Anzana is another example of freeride trail in the Tirano area. As for the ascent you need to enter Switzerland up to the town of Brusio. A paved but fairly steep road starts from there and leads up to Pescia Bassa; you get to Col d'Anzana via dirt roads and trails. This is where the descent starts, composed of - first - a long part, characterized by leaning parts. There are also a number of beautiful little hairpin bends on single trails leading up to Lughina. From up there you can get to Tirano on old, rocky, and very steep mule tracks.

Together with Schiazzera, Padrio and LaGrosina, the two paths described above are part of a project called Five Crazy Down.

The characteristics of these routes in terms of descents, plus the challenging slopes, make it necessary to use bike cars with bike racks.

An experience you can’t miss is the Bernina red train - to climb up to Bernina Pass and Poschiavo, an area from where to enjoy freeride trails and stunning scenarios.


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Garni Le Corti in Grosotto

Garni Le Corti a Grosotto

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Bernina Express Distance: 48,65 km Altitude: 1501 m