The mountain bike trails in Livigno.

Sentiero panoramico a Livigno

Mountain bike in Livigno is synonym for bike park, one of the best and most known in Europe. The many downhill and freeride trails are much fun and less hard to face thanks to the skilifts.

Livigno is also mountain bike flow trails for mountain bikers who love speed, fluency and fun. The high panoramic trail with its descent to Val Federia is an example of that.

Through Val Alpisella pass - or the even more challenging Trela pass - you can get to Cancano lakes from Livigno and challange, for example, Valle del Gallo - an unspoilt valley full of magic, charm and unforgettable views.

The transalp mountain bikers (they take part to the transalp tour from Germany to Lake Garda) cycle along these passes a lot and usually stop in Livigno too.

Livigno is a popular destination for bikers from all over Europe thanks to the duty free area, the several pubs, bars and restaurants and the so many MTB trails.

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Panoramica di Livigno Distance: 38,6 km Altitude: 2366 m


Passo Bernina Col d'Anzana Distance: 46,5 km Altitude: 1952 m


Passo Bernina - Passo Suvretta Distance: 78,1 km Altitude: 1964 m