The mountain bike trails in Bormio.

La mountain bike a Bormio

Bormio offers plenty of opportunities to practice mountain bike and bike racing trails in the Stelvio National Park.

Alongside the fantastic opportunities for road bikers - with the most beautiful climbs in the world i.e. Stelvio, Gavia, and Mortirolo passes - Bormio offers a number of trails for mountain bikers.

Trails for families 

You can find many cycling routes in Bormio and surrounding valleys that suit the technical and physical characteristics of families.

The tour of the Cancano lakes is a route for all mountain bikers: it's an about 20 km circular circuit around the two artificial lakes Cancano and San Giacomo (they provide the hydroelectric power plant in Premadio). With its small ups and downs and just a few meters from the water, it is one of the most famous and popular cycling routes of the entire the area. Between the two dams there's a road that allows a separation of the trail into two parts, reducing the number of kilometers to cycle when getting back. To reach the lakes you need to climb from Bormio to the Fraele towers - former military posts - and cross the Fraele valley, where you'll find the Cancano plateau.

The Viola valley starts in Arnoga - on the road from Bormio to Livigno - is about 10 km long, and almost reaches the Swiss border. The easiest way to face it with a mountain bike is through the high street which is paved until the Altumeira parking. To get to the Viola hut - located very close to the border - you cycle along a paved road (cars area not allowed) with steep slopes in the middle part of the path. In the last, and completely flat part, you will discover the magic of Viola lake with the image of the amazing peaks around the valley reflected in the lake.

The Decouville is a private and completely flat road owned by A2A; it connects Viola valley and Cancano, it's about 10 km long and around 1800 m asl, just above Valdidentro - the area between Bormio and Livigno. The bikers coming from Switzerland (from S. Maria in Monastero valley) use it a lot to get to Poschiavo or Grosio through the Fraele valley (and the Cancano hydroelectric power plants), and Viola valley.

There is also a trail at the bottom of the valley connecting many towns in the area of Bormio, from Semogo to Cepina. 

Routes for experienced mountain bikers

Bormio offers several trails for the most experienced mountain bikers, with several technical difficulties. 

Bormio 3000 is a real challenge for mountain bikers who love technical single trails. Many of them cycle along the slope that separates Bormio (1225 m asl) from Bormio 3000 (3058 m asl), about 20 km. No doubt the fun part is the descent, and the cable car is there for you, to take you to the top of the mountain (cable car is open in high season). The first part of the descent is a very technical and rocky trail. If you keep going, you will get to the "Beautiful lakes" and the trail becomes a fun single track that leads to a fork. The possibilities are two: you can either go back to Bormio or reach Santa Caterina Valfurva, along dirt roads in the woods. 

A fun and lovely trail takes you from Stelvio pass to Bormio via Bocchette di Forcola. The starting point is "4° cantoniera dell Stelvio" - about 4 km from the pass. Take a single trail that leads up to Bocchette di Forcola, where you'll find evidence of WWI. When going down you can go through Pedenolo and enjoy first of all a great downhill trail - a former military road - and then a series of very exposed hairpin bends that lead up to Cancano.

The Valle del Gallo is one of the most magical and scenic mountain bike trails in Bormio. The trail starts at the end of the Cancano lakes, the direction is towards the lake of Livigno, where the scenery becomes spectacular and trails very exposed. A series of hairpin bends in the wood take you higher, up to the Swiss border. You can get back via Val Mora. 

From the Cancano valley you can cycle along a circular path involving Livigno. You take Val Pettini almost at the end of the Cancano valley and cycle up to Malga Trela - and from there to the Trela pass. Then, you can enjoy a stunning descent to Livigno. You can go back via Alpisella valley, where a path which is always well maintained takes you first to Alpisella pass and then to the Cancano lakes, with a descent on single trail.


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