Bormio - Santa Caterina Valfurva

Places: Bormio - S. Pietro - Le Poce - Calvarana - Monti di Sobretta - Santa Caterina

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Rather than making the journey by car, enjoy the fun alternative and ride from Bormio to Santa Caterina, Valfurva by MTB. After a short journey towards San Pietro along the road to Bormio 2000. The 6° gradient bends lead you first to Poce and then on to Calvarana. This ride will provide you with some challenging sections and is typical of the region with steep climbs and fast descents. The final section is an easy and enjoyable descent into Santa Caterina.

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Total distance:    17,9 km
Dist. of Climbing:    10,8 km
Dist. of Descent:    6 km
Dist. of Flat:      1 km

Elevation Change

Min elevation:    1196 m
Max elevation:    1845 m
Total ascent: 1236 m
Total descent:  695 m


Difficulty:     Difficoltà
Conditions:        Condizione fisica
Rating:     Votazione

Other information

Place:          Bormio
Type of trail:     MTB


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